Our services

Our Services


Scout Production Services offer a full-package service to international production companies, agencies and networks filming anywhere in Australia, from Melbourne to Perth, Hobart to Darwin. We have both the experience and reputation to tackle any requests, from single camera interviews to multi-million dollar productions.


Successful and efficient, we can support visa applications for a cast and crew of any size.

Our process is streamlined, effective and flexible and is yet to disappoint.

“Two of our agency’s directors couldn’t get their visas, and we were about to shoot a million dollar commercial. Nelson called his guy, who marched down to his contacts in Shanghai, and they were on a plane in two days. It was amazing!”

Legal & Accounting

Trust and accountability is arguably our clients’ most important issue, and Scout takes that very seriously. We work with and guide you to the most experienced entertainment lawyers and accountants in Australia and provide clear and precise accounting, budgeting and cost reporting.

We can guide foreign companies through tax incentives available from both State and Federal government. We can also assist in cash-flowing this part of your finance plan which can be up to 40% of your total budget.

“When coming to another country, I’m ultimately putting my reputation on the line when hiring a services company. I’m so glad I found Scout. The accounting was clear and precise, with weekly reports, which I just sent back to Hong Kong. They couldn’t have made me look any better.”


Scout has bilingual translators and assistants on call, specialising in Chinese and Japanese but with Russian, French, and others available. Our translators are handpicked from within the film industry and will provide loyal and professional services during the preparation for your trip and also on the ground in Australia.

Cast and Crew

Scout employs a loyal and professional local crew who revel in working alongside different cultures, different languages and a variety of working procedures. Our crew are highly experienced with an open mind and a positive attitude, and egos left at the door!

Stunts, SPX, Safety, Underwater Photography

Scout’s experience and professionalism in all manner of stunts and effects means it allows us to hand-pick the best, the most professional, and the safest crews.

Helicopters and Drones

Determined by your budget and need, Scout has worked extensively with many helicopter pilots and drone operators. We have a very strong working knowledge with both helicopters and drones. Great Ocean Road shoots are a favourite of ours.